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How can we dry flowers at home to preserve them?

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hello welcome to a new crafty video
in this video i'll be going over four
ways to dry flowers
i'll show you how each method works and
then i'll compare them together
so each four of the methods are seen
here which you can pause if you'd like
dried flowers can be used in a number of
different crafts but lately i've been
using them
to make collido frames such as the ones
seen here
and then these are the four flowers that
i'll be using so
i bought these at a local grocer so we
have some gerberas
and then we have some roses
i believe these purple flowers are
called status sea
or sea lavender and then lastly
we have some baby's breasts so let's get
started with the first method
so for this method i'm just going to be
using a heavy object to press the
flowers down
so i'm just arranging the flowers that i
want that i've cut from the stems
and then i'm placing them on tissue
paper which i later realized
might not have been the best paper for
this method
but here we go anyway and then i folded
the tissue paper
on top of all of the flowers and then i
placed a very heavy box
on top of those on the floor i waited
about a week and then i retrieved them
from under the box
and here are the results all the flowers
except for the gerbra
are all right i believe they can use a
bit more time to dry
but otherwise they look pretty good
the gerbra stuck to the paper and i
believe it had
too much moisture in it or was too
voluminous as you can tell
it's starting to kind of look like it's
rotting almost and it's hard to peel
from the tissue and
the stem broke off so i would not
recommend this method for flowers such
gerbras this is what it looks like once
i got it peeled off
and i immediately threw it away after
this video because
as you can tell it was quite gross
so now let's move on to the second
method which is hang dry or
hanging the flowers to dry and then i'll
go over the results for each of the
methods and compare them together at the
end of this video in more detail
for the second method you can dry
flowers by hanging them upside down
so i separated the flowers by the
individual stems
and then i used a rubber band to attach
them to
clothes hangers and then i hung them up
like clothes in my closet
you want to hang them in a place that's
dark and relatively
dry and so my closet was perfect for
and then depending on the flower type
you'll want to leave them for
one to three weeks so here i am checking
back on them
in about a week so you can clearly tell
from the video that they're
very different and dried
so moving on to the third method we will
be looking at silica crystals
you can buy these flower drying crystals
at craft stores or online
and then i use a couple pieces of
tubberware that i've dedicated
for these crystals to prep the
tupperware for your flowers you want to
pour a thin-ish layer on the bottom of
the tupperware
of the sand and kind of level it out
then you'll want to trim your flowers so
that they'll fit inside the tupperware
and for the most part you want to trim
most of the stem
off of the flower so you're left with
just the flower itself
then you'll want to spread your flowers
out so that there's no overlap
and then you want to slowly pour the
crystals on top of the flowers
until all of the flowers are completely
so i prepared a second tupperware this
way as well
so that i'm drying at least one of each
of the four flower types
so then i put the lids back on each of
the containers and if you're using this
flower drying method
you'll want to leave them alone for two
to three days
so after a few days i dug my flowers out
from the sand
and this can be a bit of a messy process
the sand has a tendency
to go everywhere so i like to work on
top of some butcher paper
so just be careful when you're taking
the flowers out of the sand because
they are more delicate now that they're
completely dry
i like to kind of strain them which is
i like to dump most of the sand
out first and then pick out the flowers
you might lose a couple petals here and
there to this method so i like to pull
those out as well
because those can also be useful for
different craft projects
so your sand can actually turn pink
repeated uses which my sand did not turn
pink while i was filming but in the past
it has
and this just means that it needs to be
recharged so
you need to leave the sand out in heat
and in under sunlight
and then the crystals will change back
to a white blue color once they're ready
to be used again
so now let's move on to the fourth and
final method i'll be covering in this
for flower drying so we will be
microwaving flowers in this method
and i'll be using a special press i
bought from amazon and it's called the
micro floor so this is actually the
small version
and then there is also a large version
available as well
so what you want to do is separate all
of the pieces of the press
and then create a sandwich so you want
to put one of the pallets
and then one of the pads and then one of
the fabric sheets
and then you'll want to put your flower
or flowers facing down
and then another sheet and then another
finally the other palette on top so then
you'll want
to clamp them on each side and now your
flowers are ready to be cooked
the time that you'll want to microwave
will depend on the type of flour that
you're using
as well as the power that you use on
your microwave there are detailed
instructions that come with the micro
i microwaved this flower in particular
for 40 seconds at first which is the
burst and then you want to do a second
burst of a lot less
time so i did a second burst of 10
you'll want to let your press cool for a
while and then
it is ready to unclamp and take the
flower out
i did this process a second time for the
other three flower types
and i will say that one of the drawbacks
for this method is that
you will have to replace the sheets
periodically i find them
kind of difficult to clean and you will
have to buy
replacement sheets all right so that was
how to do each of the four methods so
now let's compare the results
we'll start with the roses so this one
is kind of um it's thin
like it thinned out definitely but it's
still relatively
like fresh feeling and so i'm gonna
actually leave it out for a bit to see
if it becomes more um
dry but that's that and this one
actually um
preserved its color the best but i think
once it dries
it will kind of darken like the rest of
them did
this is the micro floor press and i
think i accidentally did it for too long
which is kind of like an issue with the
microflora press
um because you microwave in such short
intervals it's easy to
burn the flowers but this method is the
best if you want to get like a really
thin flower i don't think it works
the best for roses in particular but it
works really well for certain types of
flowers that you want to get really flat
this silica gel is the one that
preserved the
shape of the rose the best and so here
they are they feel a little bit more
fresh than the press or the hang upside
down method
so i'm going to leave them out for a bit
and i think they'll dry up a little bit
but i really like this one in particular
because it preserved its
shape really really well and um the
color is really nice
so there's these two i did in the silica
and then here's the back of this it
still has some of the um
sands uh clinging to it so um i'm gonna
clean it up a little bit
and shake it off so yeah there's that
one and then lastly
um the upside down method where i just
hung them in my closet
for about a week so um they do kind of
will shrivel up so
they will get smaller but they do
maintain their shape as in like they're
not flattened out
and actually i think this might be my
favorite method for
roses because um i think it looks really
nice and it's really like
it preserved the shape really well the
color is good
and it's really dry it's really dry
dried out and i feel like it's very um
like it'll it'll last for a long time
this way so that's that method
and so these are all the four different
methods with the orange rose
alright so now we have these two flowers
i combined them so i didn't
lose track of which method was which i
can tell
for the most part but it's kind of
tricky with these smaller flowers some
of the methods
look very similar so starting with the
using the heavy weight we have the
yellow flower
i mean the white flower i know my colors
and then the purple flower this one
feels like it's still very
fresh not completely dry this one feels
very papery dry which is what you want
and so there's these two using the
press using just weight method and then
this is the micro floor press microwave
method and so these are really flat like
these are the most
flat again and they're also very
paper thin and they were very quick to
and i think this is a really good method
for this type of flower
especially this one in particular
because it really dries it really well
and flattens it out
this one is also really cool but it does
make these
purple flowers lose their shape so it
flattens them which can be good in some
instances but then if you want to keep
more of their shape
the next two methods are better for that
so this is the silica gel and so
it's very papery it dried really well
same with this one and they keep their
shape a little bit more
and so there's these two
and then finally the upside down method
might be my favorite because
it requires no materials except for
a hanger and a rubber band is what i
used and it comes out really
papery and really nice in this
particular flower instance
so there's that so these are all of the
purple and the
white flowers alright so this is an
interesting one because
this is all the same flower but as you
can tell the different methods produce
very different
results we'll start with this one the
one with just the weight and this one is
what do you guys think it's it's pretty
bad it looks like it's
molding and rotted um i think it was
this flower in particular was too
fresh too thick kind of like um
too moist moist yeah
to really work for this method because
yeah it just did not turn out well it
discolored it
molded it um didn't even dry all that
much so i'm probably gonna throw this
one away right after this video
um this one is the microflora microwave
version which is uh pretty nice actually
um it's very flat and dry however
there's some discoloration kind of like
almost a square or circle around it and
i think that might be because i used
the press wasn't completely new or
completely clean
so it might have rubbed off from other
presses i did
but i think it's not that noticeable
especially on camera
but you can kind of see it it also might
be slightly that i
over did it and burned it a little bit
um but here's the back oh the back
actually looks really pretty too
so there's that one and then this one's
probably my favorite this is the silica
gel it still has some of the sand on it
as you can see but this one's really
nice because it's really dry
it also still has some shape to it and
the color is really nice as well
so i particularly like this one
really nice and then this one is the
down version and as you can tell it
really shriveled
up and because of the gravity
um it it shriveled it it pushed it down
and it shriveled up
however it is pretty dry and i think it
is a really like unique
look so i'll be keeping this one but
it's not my favorite
um method for this flower but there's
and i kept some of the stem as well
all right so that's it for this video i
hope you found it helpful
and if you did please subscribe for more
crafting videos
thank you so much for watching and i
will talk to you in the next video


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