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Is cotton natural or artificial ?

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Cotton is the seed fiber of cotton plants in the Malvaceae family. Cotton is a natural fiber and is native to the subtropical zone. The plant is shrub-like and can grow up to 6 meters high in tropical areas, generally 1 to 2 meters. The flowers are milky white, turn dark red shortly after flowering and then wither, leaving behind small green capsules called cotton bolls. There are cotton seeds in the cotton boll. The hairs on the cotton seed grow from the epidermis of the cotton seed and fill the inside of the cotton boll. When the cotton boll is mature, it splits and reveals soft fibers. The fiber is white or white with yellowish color, about 2 to 4 cm long (0.75 to
1.5 inches), containing about 87% to 90% cellulose, 5% to 8% moisture, 4% to 6% other substances. The countries with the highest cotton production include China, the United States, and India.


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