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How to dry flowers in a microwave

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Drying flowers in a microwave is by far the fastest method, taking just minutes instead of weeks. To dry flowers in the microwave you’ll need:

Flowers, microwave, silica gel, microwave safe container, a small fine brush

Remove any unwanted foliage from the flower and cut the stems so it fits in the container. Fill the base of the container with 1-2 inches of the silica gel. If you’re drying a larger flower then you’ll probably need a bit more. Place the flower blossom up and pour more gel gently over the flower. If you’re adding multiple flowers make sure they’re the same type. Otherwise, they’ll dry at different rates and you could risk burning them.

The microwave time and temperature will vary depending on the flower. We’d suggest starting with 1-2 minute intervals. Keep checking the flowers to see if they feel dry, if not carry on microwaving.

When the flowers are fully dried, you’ll need to cover half of the container and let it cool for 24 hours.

Be super careful when removing the flowers from the container, you don’t want to accidentally bend or damage the petals. Once the flowers are free, brush the silica gel off with a fine brush and then display them however you want!


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