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How to dry flowers ?

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To dry your flowers you’ll need: Flowers, scissors, string or rubber bands, a hanger, unscented hairspray.

First, choose the flowers you want to dry. Flowers that have only just bloomed are the best ones to use for drying. You’ll then need to remove any excess foliage under the flower head and trim the stems.

Split your flowers into small bunches of 6-7 flowers. If you’re drying larger flowers like roses or hydrangeas then they’ll need to be on their own. Tie each bunch with an elastic band or some string and hang them upside down from the coat hanger.

To help the flowers keep their colour, hang them in a dry, dark room away from any direct sunlight. The attic or a cupboard under the stairs would be ideal!

Leave the flowers for 2-3 weeks until they are completely dry. When you take them down spray them with a little burst of hairspray. This will not only protect them but it’ll also give them a nice shine.


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