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Don't buy these five kinds flower

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For novice flower lovers, buying flowers is often more emotional. If you feel good-looking, you can buy them. But it's not easy to keep them when you buy them. There are five kinds of flowers that you should not buy as far as possible, unless you are experienced ones. For novice flower lovers, you have to make more efforts, and you will surely get results.

1. If you see the new soil in the pot when you buy a flower, and the stem will move when you pull it up, it must be that the potted flower has not yet grown new roots. Such a flower is easy to die after buying it back.
2. If two or more flowers are planted together, the branches and leaves will gradually become thinner and yellow after buying back, and the flowers will become smaller and smaller. The reason lies in the lack of nutrition, and the root in the basin is too much, easy to harden. Of course, special combinations of potted plants are not included.
3. Flowers with roots and without stems and leaves. Some individual traders go up the mountain to dig wild vine and miscellaneous roots in autumn and winter to sell them as flowers and trees. It is difficult to identify them because they are stemless and leafless.
4. Tie the branches and leaves with thin iron wire to form flowers of various shapes (if it's a woody bonsai, it's another matter, because wire stylists usually shape bonsai). This kind of potted flower was good-looking at that time. With the growth of the plant, the shape will change. Moreover, binding all branches and leaves of the plant at the same time not only affects photosynthesis, but also easily produces diseases and insect pests.
5. Cactus with small frozen spots on the stem or bulb are easy to suffer from mild frostbite. There are light green frozen spots on the stem or bulb smaller than the rice grain. There is no problem on the surface, but in fact, the internal tissue of the plant has been greatly damaged. If no measures are taken after such flowers are bought back, the spots will become bigger and bigger, and finally the whole plant will die.


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