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How to cultivate cactus of peony brocade

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Some flower friends want to know how to raise the peony brocade cactus. This method is suitable for the Yangtze River Delta and other northern cities. It is easier to get out of the state in the north.
Cactus with peony brocade

1. Watering method: dry thoroughly in spring, summer and autumn! In winter, it is not necessary to pour the water thoroughly. Control the water quantity! Therefore, it is recommended that water should be watered every time it is completely dry (especially when the temperature is low in winter). The toothpick should be stuck to see whether it is dry or not, or take the flowerpot to feel the weight,
2. Watering time: water should be poured once every 5-10 days in summer, 2-3 weeks in spring and autumn, once a month in winter, when the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, it is recommended to cut off water (the temperature varies from place to place, and the judgment standard is dry and thorough)
3. Watering method: spray in spring and autumn, and it is better to soak the basin in summer, because the spraying is from all around the soil surface. If the root contact water is less, it is easy to leak out. If it is used for a long time, it is easy to dry out and finally die. The soaking basin is different. From the bottom up, the root is easy to contact with water vapor
Peony brocade cactus basin service items:
1. How to grow roots? Choose sunny days to plant, keep high temperature and moist soil (above 30 degrees, keep the soil moist and easy to root, soil sterilization is recommended)
2. Planting steps: first prune roots - cool roots for more than 5 days (the time for airing roots is not certain, fine roots are about 5 days, thick roots are more than 7 days, so the roots can be planted only after the root wounds are recovered)
For the first time: (choose the day when the temperature is high on a sunny day) put it into the moist soil, keep the soil in a moist state during the long root period, and put it into the ventilated and scattered light place for cultivation (the balcony is excellent - after the basin is raised, it is according to the principle of dry and thorough pouring, and refers to the temperature of each climate
Difficulty: why can high temperature and high humidity in summer? Because it is very hot in summer and water evaporates quickly. Don't worry about water silting in its root. As long as you don't water it randomly, you can't water the root after it is dry. However, it can't be done in winter, because the temperature is low in winter and the water evaporation is slow. If your soil is always in a humid state, evaporation becomes slow, and the root will be soaked in it and easily rot So what to do in winter? Control the amount of water, give a small amount of water, extend the watering time, and cut off water when it is too cold


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