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What fertilizer should be used to fertilize the flowers

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It seems like a simple thing to raise flowers. In fact, many flower friends do not do well. Those who do well are always the flowers of others. Today, we will talk about what kind of fertilizer is used to fertilize flowers. If there is something wrong, or if you need to add something, you can leave a message below. I will release it at the first time and let us learn together!
What fertilizer should be used to fertilize the flowers
For our ordinary horticultural enthusiasts, our common fertilizers are mainly based on the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to make functional differences. Of course, some fertilizers contain more trace elements, but nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most important three elements. Other fertilizers, such as ammonium nitrate, are generally not used at home.
Nitrogen fertilizer: that is to say, leaf fertilizer, it has an obvious effect on the growth of plant branches and leaves, and the leaves of plants that have been applied with nitrogen fertilizer are obviously more green.
Phosphate fertilizer: commonly known as melon and fruit fertilizer, it can promote crop yield, has the function of cold resistance and promoting flowers and fruits. Therefore, if it is a flowering plant, appropriate phosphate fertilizer should be given
Potassium fertilizer: it can promote the development of root system, so it has the function of resisting lodging, and it can also promote the growth of stem.
We can go back to the title "what fertilizer should be used to fertilize flowers"
What fertilizer should be used to fertilize the flowers
1. When can we fertilize the flowers?
We have to say that we can not fertilize flowers all the year round. Some flowers and plants have a dormant period, some in summer and some in winter. In the dormant period, we generally do not apply fertilizer, and we need less or no fertilizer during flowering period. For example, the flowering period of crab claw orchid is very sensitive, so we should not fertilize.
In addition, the flowers and plants of some flower friends are half dead. In this case, fertilization is not recommended, because it is not a manifestation of lack of fertilizer. Fertilization can not solve this dilemma, but increase the burden on plants. For example, if some plants are in normal state but grow slowly, fertilization is necessary.
What fertilizer should be used to fertilize the flowers
2. Learn to classify your own flowers
Foliage plants are mainly applied with nitrogen fertilizer, and flower plants, in addition to considering the growth of plants, but also to consider the flowering problem, so phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is indispensable. There are many cases, originally flowering plants, the results of branches and leaves are very lush, that is, do not bloom, in addition to the environmental impact, too much nitrogen fertilizer will also lead to the plant growth does not bloom.
3. For fertilizer, do not try to get cheap, but also learn the correct application method
I don't know how many flower friends have this experience. They fertilize, but the plants don't seem to respond at all. It's hard to tell whether the fertilizer is true or not. Now when you buy Fertilizer in rural areas, it's popular to use it first and calculate accounts after autumn. This shows that we attach great importance to the authenticity of fertilizer.
4.Horticultural fertilizer is more diverse, so it must be carefully screened.
In addition, there are also pay attention to the application method of fertilizer, it is best to apply fertilizer according to the application instructions, not greedy, do thin fertilizer frequently.
What fertilizer should be applied to the flowers
If it is a foliage plant, we can give nitrogen fertilizer or compound fertilizer during the growth period. If it is a flowering plant, we'd better start fertilizing one month before the budding, mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. If it's potassium dihydrogen phosphate, this kind of flower promoting fertilizer, can be applied half a month in advance and stopped after flowering. After the flowering period, we can apply fertilizer to supplement energy.
To put it simply, it is tonic before flowering, and then through the consumption of flowering period, then tonic after flowering to help it recuperate.
The safest way to fertilize is to apply thin fertilizer frequently, usually once a week, or once every three or five days, which can be combined with watering. Slow release fertilizers, such as slow-release fertilizers, do not need to be given at intervals. It is usually mixed in the soil as base fertilizer.


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