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Milan likes acidity still is alkalescent

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The flower is friendly people the cent that knows the flower has north and south, generally speaking southernFlowersLike to slant acidity soil, friend having a flower asks Milan likes acidity still is alkalescent, milan likes to slant acidity soil. In north, the soil of garden earth and so on is to slant alkalescent earth, raise Milan so with such earth, have difficulty very much, so general and potted Milan the training ground that earth of leaf of corrupt of in order to gives priority to.

Milan likes acidity still is alkalescent

And southern region slants because of soil acidity, the requirement to soil is so much more comfortable than north, but do not suggest to because such water penetration will be a lot of poorer,use pure garden land, so OK and proper mix into is entered turfy or and so on of corrupt leaf earth.

The Milan that a few beautiful friend are below uses earthy recipe, the friend that supply a flower is referenced:

1) humus soil adds garden earth to add bit of sand again.

2) turfy earth 2, add sand 1.

Earth of 3) fecund garden, compost earth each 2, add sand 1, mixture modulation.

Enjoin again finally, the recipe is not dead, spend friendly OK and agile collocation, the sandiness loam that should remember Milanese happy event contains a lot ofhumus, fecund, small acidity only is OK. Milan exchanges land is to should notice old territory cannot break up, purify part Chen Tu can be in without the root in periphery, cut go rotting, basin hind puts conserve of shady and cool place on, arrange place of exposed to the sun of the displace after a week, left and right sides of a week after changing earth to give a room in spring commonly undertakes relatively appropriate.


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