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Potted sweet-scented osmanthus does not blossom is what reason

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Beautiful friend asks his potted sweet-scented osmanthus does not blossom is what reason, when facing this abloom plant not to blossom, we often need to search an account from daily conserve, we should understand its characteristics, come according to characteristics conserve. We take sweet-scented osmanthus for.

The reason that sweet-scented osmanthus does not blossom

Sweet-scented osmanthus although ability half shade, but sunshine is enough, not under - the environment of 10 ℃ just is the environment that it likes. If sweet-scented osmanthus young plant is too small (5 years the following) . Some are looked at very big, but just the tree of field planting has not grown good root system, excessive clip also can delay florescence when transplant. Still having is excessive growth problem, sweet-scented osmanthus branch is looked at very exuberant, because water fertilizer is overmuch,be actually, grow the energy of excessive growth branch is more than abloom impetus. It is wrong clip again, in summertime crop the branch that should blossom.

The reason that sweet-scented osmanthus does not blossom

The time of sweet-scented osmanthus clip

Spring is the season that major area suits clip most. Because sweet-scented osmanthus is evergreen, do not be able to bear or endure extremely cold, cannot be in so winter crop. Of summer 7, August, bud begins shoot, if this moment clip will naturally cut off the branch that heads bud, bring about beautiful quantity to decrease. Do not be in absolutely summertime crop sweet-scented osmanthus.

The sweet-scented osmanthus that oneself ground grows can spend the nap of junior travel little scope in the autumn, basically be exciting scrip vigor, increase ventilated, collect bit of flower incidentally.

Attention: What ground of unlike of potted sweet-scented osmanthus grows is so hale, also do not suit to be in autumnal crop. So, potted sweet-scented osmanthus had better be in spring clip, the most appropriate month was March. Additional, too small plant also does not suit clip, can buying commonly 2 after arriving 3 years resumptive management individual plant. Crop cycle is annual.

The reason that sweet-scented osmanthus does not blossom


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