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The phenomenon of water of drop of bamboo of curvature of the spinal column is normal

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We more be used toDrop water avalokitesvaraDrop water, but discover when usBamboo of curvature of the spinal columnThe phenomenon of drop water when, knowing is normal, actually this is a plant a kind of normal phenomenon that spit water, green trailing plants also can appear occasionally this kind of phenomenon, theory comes up the plant that there are a lot of kinds in saying a lot of tropical vegetations, can drip water, this also is the account that ” of “ rain forest gets a name. The principle is very simple. Be in high temperature, tall below wet condition, the water branch in soil is very enough. The water with plant redundant oneself is divided, can from leaf most advanced and the brim sends out come out, we resemble it seems that is it is dripping water is ordinary.

Bamboo of curvature of the spinal column

If humidity is reduced abruptly, so these drip can evaporate very quickly. This kind of phenomenon appears in the morning more. Say this kind of phenomenon spits water ” for “ commonly.

This also reacts from flank give an issue, it is current climate environment suit bamboo of curvature of the spinal column to grow quite, it is good appearance, although very much tropical vegetation also can grow in north now, but long-term dry climate, letting its leaf is not very good, so northward Hua Youdou often gives plant gush water, increase humidity.


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