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Huang Leqiu bine buries bedspring grass-blade needle much deeper drought is short of water to bury earth 3 minutes 2

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Bedspring grass-blade needle fizzled out

1, drought is short of water and temperature exorbitant

Above all bedspring grass-blade needle fizzled out the biggest reason, because water,be not worth namely, like the bedspring grass that grows below wet environment, once lack water for a long time, can bring about bedspring careless lamina to send yellow wither even the temperature with dead exorbitant of course ‘’ of doing of while still alive, also can cause harm to bedspring grass, blade is fizzled out by hot hair, went to what this moment should strengthen pair of bedspring grass to water, spray next the environmental temperature that water mist drops bedspring grass.

2, dormancy of spring careless summer

Bedspring grass has a character, that is bedspring grass arrived climate of summertime high temperature when, bedspring grass can enter a rest period, the bedspring careless bulb of this moment can stop nutrition of supply of branches and leaves. The flower of conserve bedspring grass is then friendly people, the bedspring grass-blade tip that natural meeting discovers yoke is careless fizzled out, even slowly all lamina wither is dropped, the flower is friendly people need not worry, the bulb of grass of normal conserve bedspring, when when autumn comes, the chairman on corm gives newborn bedspring careless branches and leaves.

Bedspring careless bulb is buried much deeper

The root ministry of bedspring grass follows other ornamental plant different, bedspring grass is one greatly corm, buy the basin on grass of spring back reed, a lot of people do not know bedspring careless bulb is buried much deeper. If had raised what the ground nots allow to know, its bulb is bare and outer directly, and the bulb of bedspring grass cannot not allow like the ground all in that way and bare outer, bury into soil however 2/3, such ability more the growth that is helpful for bedspring grass.

Bedspring grass uses deep basin or shallow tub

Bedspring grass is a kind of small-sized plant that observe a part of a historical period, it is OK to say to should use tub of a floret according to manage, but the bulb of bedspring grass is bigger, ten million of this moment flowerpot cannot enough too small. Or the growth that can affect bedspring grass, so choice flowerpot had better be deeper, can choose a mouth big and deep every phenomenon basin.

Bedspring grass blossoms a few years

A lot of flowers redemptive buy bedspring grass, do not know bedspring grass can blossom, wait for the 2~4 month to the coming year, the result discovers bedspring grass blossommed, this is really greatly surprise. Conserve bedspring is actually careless, what should buy only is to become individual plant, the 2nd year is awaited to be able to blossom in transplant field planting, bedspring careless suddenly change one's identity, grew the vegetable that watch a flower.

Bedspring grass can raise a few years

A lot of people look at bedspring grass, grass of subliminal a bedspring is a kind of herb, life is done not have for certain how long, conserve bedspring grass views and admire a 2~3 year OK. This is a kind of wrong think of a way, bedspring grass is vivacious bulb kindMeatyPlant, life can say be the imagination that exceeds you, want conserve to get only, bedspring grass is vivid do not have what problem 20 years.


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