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The distinction of strawberry new young plant and Laomiao

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The distinction that says new young plant of the berry that draft and Laomiao discerns very easily actually, this is not the most difficult, say commonly, fromGrapeBineProgenitiveNew depart the strawberry seedling of the mother's body, or it is to use a seed to sow the young plant that grows, make new young plant, vitality of new young plant is exuberant, the effect is much, and the sort of knot passes if really, or it is to cross year strawberry seedling, call Laomiao, effect of old young plant is little, laomiao is bought when so we are not willing to buy a young plant.

Go up from outside Laomiao and new Miao Ye have distinction, look below two pairs of pictures:

The distinction of strawberry new young plant and Laomiao

Left is new young plant, right is Laomiao, the main distinction that Laomiao follows new young plant is to shorten bine, new young plant shortens the bine will be very short, do not have probably, laomiao can appear very long shortening bine, new replace appears this, layer of meeting occurrence red-letter day. Will tell Laomiao normally extensive root is black, but also can give appearance of existing Bai Gen, be in commonly shorten cauline coping.

The distinction of strawberry new young plant and Laomiao

Return meeting drag in to arrive besides Laomiao and new young plant the problem that another problem is a few acting seedlings, strawberry is not to say to be able to breed all the time, strawberry is met will in those days and so on of the virus inside body continues gradually go down, breed when strawberry seedling so after algebra became much, appear easily disease, this namely why a lot of big canopy should change the reason of strawberry seedling.


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