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Red palm uses what soil best (do not take roundabout way)

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See friend having a flower asks red palm uses what soil best, do not have best earth actually, want to suit oneself territory only, red palm is southernFlowers, so, if say to use plant of northward garden earth directly, nature is the way corp is growing is bad, generally speaking, on market loose the nutrient earth that breathe freely, corrupt leaf earth can raise red strike with the palm of the hand, this does not have what problem.

Red palm uses what soil best


Below normal circumstance, choose the matrix with good drainage, turfy, pearlite, sanded compound matrix is OK, the most important to red palm is conserve environment, especially northern region, red palm is the most comfortable grow temperature is 20-30 ℃ , highest temperature is unfavorable more than 35 ℃ , lowermost temperature is 14 ℃ , have the possibility of freeze injury at any time under 10 ℃ . Relative humidity of the most comfortable air is 70%-80% , unfavorable under 50% , because maintain,help advance somebody's career the higher air humidity in the environment, it is to spend candle to help advance somebody's career successful key. Accordingly, answer for many times to have water of gush of face of blade all the year round.

Red palm uses what soil best


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