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Suit the flowers seed that the autumn sows

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The balcony or court are pottedSuit the flower that autumn sows, recommend youSuit the autumn to sowFlowersSeed. Blossom orderly, beautiful amount is large, florescence is abiding

Explode basin edge tool1, short pull an ox

Short pulling an ox is to cultivate popularity rate to compare expensive plant. Suit potted, blossom orderly, design and color is much, florescence is abiding, can leave all the time from spring deep autumn, a grass that very much Hua Youdou likes very much spends breed.

Individual plant of the short basis that pull an ox different, can divide for, erect model, hang down condole, low model, in seed of choose and buy when, should notice to see the feature of clear breed series. Hang down condole suit to cultivate quite in tall flowerpot, perhaps use hang a basin to cultivate, erect model the comparison of individual plant chairman is tall, later period is easy lodging.

2, horny Jin / trichromatic Jin

Horny Jin and trichromatic Jin is to suit potted careless beautiful breed quite, also be commonly used afforest ground by flowers, horny Jin and trichromatic the size that the distinction of Jin basically is flower, the flower of horny Jin is smaller, trichromatic the flower of Jin is bigger.

Trichromatic Jin individual plant low, blossom orderly, florescence duration is long, and trichromatic the design and color of Jin is super also much, can choose the design and color that oneself like, or polychromatic mix kind.

3, sixfold benefit

Sixfold benefit and Chinese lobelia are to explode basin edge tool, although flower is very small, but beautiful quantity is super much, spring leaves very easily those who explode, florescence duration is very long also, first-rate feed. OK and potted breed aquatics, also can plant in flower bed brim, it is very pretty good.

The color of sixfold benefit is more also, blue bewitching individual prefers blue to fasten, after all 100 flowers argue spring colourful, look much Gong Gong is green, blue flower criterion more show outstanding.

4, China aster

China aster may spend friend to plant rarely, actually China aster dispute often is fed easily, and blossom very orderly, plant is low, moment is potted, also can cultivate before with flower bed or presbyopic glasses. The color of China aster is less, see pink is mixed more blue turn color, blue bewitching individual is recommended cultivate blue turn, color is very beautiful.

5, blessing salary is taken an examination of

Blessing salary is taken an examination of is idealer Qiu Zhi potted flowers, and design and color is more also, but ask salary of blessing of escape perennial root to take an examination of, the plant of perennial root is very expensive, ramose sex is poor, although flower is very similar, but individual plant feature differs completely.

The florescence that blessing salary takes an examination of is very orderly, explode the probability of the basin is compared short pull Niu Genggao. Autumn sows in seedling stage but often clutch head makes a top, stimulative generation is ramose, one can leave explode the flowerpot of caliber 30cm.

6, all over the sky star

All over the sky the star explodes acceptedly basin edge tool, of floret all over the sky the star is to suit very much potted, tian Xingsheng grows Dahuaman lofty, do not suit potted, should notice to distinguish. Big nevertheless flower is all over the sky star, leave giving also is very good-looking.

About exploding basin edge tool, blue bewitching recommends these 6 kinds first, still have a lot of other variety of course, also can leave very much, for example melon leaf chrysanthemum. Blue tomorrow bewitching continues to recommend those who suit autumn to sow for you, use at breed of presbyopic glasses collocation.


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