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Peony spends the method that the ground imposes

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Peony beautiful ground grows methodological peony seedling to handle peony to spend the method that seedling ground imposes, still be a key job to the processing of root system. If there is mildew spot to should be rinsed clean first on the root, next prune away sodden root, nigrescent root, with too long root, put again methylic the ferry that hold cloth in the palm is easy in immerse, with antiseptic disinfection.

Peony spends the method that the ground imposes

After bubble is good, but again bubble rooted pink water, such more the growth that is helpful for new root. Spirit of reoccupy sulfur bacterium and fine earth mix divide evenly, on the root that is infected with peony flower equably next, cultivate again later, can prevent a bacteria to inbreak so.

Cultivate a method

Before cultivate, should first ground ridging ridging plough, dry be disgusted with of peony beautiful happy event is wet, sinkage is unfavorable cultivate. Ridging ridging plough one can have very good catchment effect, 2 also can offer deep earthy layer to grow to peony.

After digging good land hole, foretaste deepness, deepness is appropriate, dig the earth below the pine again, mix next ferment organic fertilizer, again earth of the element on the lid, put peony young plant next, filling.

Want to notice in the process of filling, what peony root system should put as far as possible is some more scattered, do not squeeze together, also do not want dish inside.

Finally earthy squeezing ramming, the ground grows peony to be able to not water. After been grow, usable hay covers the area, can rise to prevent moisture to evaporate too much the action with winter heat preservation

Top application ground grows peony, when spring is gemmiparous, can be all round plant shallow bury ferment organic fertilizer, with compensatory fertility.

After peony has been cultivated, it is administrative job next, want peony to grow well, blossom every year big and gorgeous, need proper management.


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