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Trigonometry plum not how does stool do (make a top cannot little)

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Friend having a flower says him Not how does stool do, this divides kind of case commonly, one kind is It is normal to grow, just do not send new branch, additionally one kind of circumstance is trigonometry plum backwater does not grow. If the first kind of circumstance, according to trigonometry Mei Zaisheng grows the circumstance that season grows normally to look, upside branch does not make a top, the limb below is lateral bud of bud of very few meeting.

Trigonometry plum not how does stool do (make a top cannot little)

Because all floral are defeated,guide constituent function is to be defeated by the comparison that guide up smooth. Grow normally in upside branch more exuberant when, although gave plant branch to make a top, it also is to had been in easily after period of time, from the top that be hit axillary Li Meng of branch sends new shoot, can go up very hard from the limb below bud lateral bud. This is trigonometry plum the growth of this species the rule.

Want to make trigonometry plum gives out gemmule from the bud on limb, unless cut off branch entirely from the ramose place of plant upside branch, probably lower limb place is met bud new bud.

The 2nd kind of circumstance, trigonometry plum backwater is not long, this kind of circumstance, we are principal of the consideration is not clip, check daily conserve to whether have a problem however, we can adopt inspection root system, change a basin to repair a root, the step such as fertilization will stimulate trigonometry plum to grow.


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