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The 3 kinds best flowers to dry

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Now many flower friends are not particularly interested in the cultivation of flowers. The reason why they like flowers is that they just think they are very beautiful. If you don't grow flowers, you can only go to the flower shop to buy flowers. The cost of buying flowers is also very large. If you want to have a bright color in your home all the time, you may need to buy flowers about twice a month. Flowers will be habitually thrown away when they wither. In fact, what we don't know is that withered flowers can also be made into dried flowers. Compared with flowers, dried flowers do have a little less vitality, but if they are put at home, they will give the family a different style.

The method of making dried flowers is also very simple. Take out the flowers with withering signs from the vase, sort them out, and then tie the ends of their branches with ropes and hang them upside down on the wall. When the flower is completely withered, it can be taken down and made into dried flower. The reason for hanging upside down is to keep a shape of the dried flower. Many flowers wither after the branches will be bent down, bent down the branches into dry flowers will not look good, not only lifeless but also not beautiful. So put it upside down. Of course, not all flowers are suitable for dry flowers. Today, we will introduce three kinds of flowers that are most suitable for dry flowers. Rose is known to be the most suitable for the most dry flowers, but it is more beautiful to make dry flowers than roses.

The first kind: Rose

It is well known that roses are made into dried flowers, and if the roses of various colors are made into dried flowers, they will be more beautiful. Because the color of a flower will not completely fade even after it withers, so if a color is too monotonous, you can put a variety of roses together. It's very low-key but beautiful. The best way to make a rose into a dry flower is to fully open the rose. If it is half opened or the bud is, it will not look good, because after the rose withers, its petals will "shrink", and the smaller rose is not particularly good-looking. If you choose the rose with very large flowers, it will be particularly beautiful after turning it into a dry flower.

The second kind: Golden Ball

The flower of golden ball and its name are the same, it is a golden ball shape, at the same time, after the golden ball is made into dry flower, the shape is not very different from the flower. And its color and flower difference will not be particularly big, is very suitable for novice to do one of the flowers. The golden ball can be directly made into dried flowers without hanging upside down. It is most suitable for auxiliary flowers to match other dried flowers to create a lively and elegant scene.

The third kind: qianrihong

Qianrihong is a kind of flower that is more beautiful than rose. Its color is a gradual change from white to pink. When it is still a flower, it has been particularly beautiful. After being made into a dry flower, its color will completely fade. Then Chen Wei looks light brown and close to white. It's very good-looking, very artistic atmosphere, usually put on the desk or bookshelf some thousand red dried flowers, will feel the whole room has become tall up.

These words, no matter during or after the flowers are made, are particularly good-looking, so if you have withered flowers at home, you can try to make dry flowers. It will not disappoint us in terms of beauty and cost.


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