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How does gentleman orchid divide individual plant graphic

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What gentleman orchid raises became long oneself can give out lateral bud, be brought up as lateral bud, lan Ke of original gentleman of one individual plant can have much trunk of a tree, friend having a flower wants to see gentleman orchid how to divide individual plant graphic, this is not actually difficult, gentleman orchid wants a root only dish still be in, OK and rooted, so we do not need too nervous.

How does gentleman orchid divide individual plant graphic


Gentleman orchid divides basin process

1, preparation works

How does gentleman orchid divide individual plant a few days ago to did not give gentleman orchid to water, accuse water first, old territory of so good depart, prepare to compare sharp knife next, for instance art design knife, conditional can prepare some of potassium permanganate, disinfection of spirit of much perhaps bacterium is used.

How does gentleman orchid divide individual plant graphic

2, plant takes off a basin

Dab with handle gently first pat flowerpot all around with flowerpot bottom, use bamboo next piece slide gently along flowerpot wall, make flowerpot and soil detached. Use small shovel next, flowerpot topsoil the shovel is dropped a few, reach flowerpot side next, a handle gently is holding plant gently, one hind holding flowerpot osculum, and exert all one's strength gently in the future moves, such can relaxed will gentleman orchid takes off a basin.

3, root ministry soil is cleaned

Will after gentleman orchid takes off a basin, clear the soil of root ministry first, can use crumb of hand general soil gently, pat gently next take root system, after major soil clears, can clean clean with water.

Gentleman orchid divides a basin to divide process of measure of individual plant method

4, root system is separate

After gentleman orchid root system is cleaned clean, can arrange root system smooth, because root ministry has 3 plant, can arrange the root system of different plant respectively a bit smoother. Prepare art design knife then, want to disinfect processing,

The root of will mutual link is cut off directly, incidentally every individual plant from withered root, empty root, it is OK to cut off or unplug.

Gentleman orchid divides a basin to divide process of measure of individual plant method

5, immerse alexipharmic air

Part will after the root system nap of gentleman orchid, prepare a bucket of big drop, install the water of the half, add potassium permanganate solution, and mix is even. gentleman then Lan Fang immerses in solution, immerse 10 minutes or so, need not too long. Immerse root system basically is right root system undertakes alexipharmic antiseptic, benefit survives at cultivating.

After immersing, scoop up plant air root system, put in shady and cool place, moisture air OK grow, hour of one or two of about the same air can.

6, basin earth preparation

Change basin and soil newly to want to get ready ahead of schedule, flowerpot chooses the contented that breathe freely to make a tub, soil can use corrupt leaf land, pine needle earth, sand of river of careless grey earth mixes and become, agitate wants even. Can go to edaphic outfit next inside flowerpot.

7, individual plant from go up respectively basin

Preexistence flowerpot bottom nods a few grain respectively, benefit shows water at breathing freely, go up in grain upper berth next soil, edaphic ply is in 3-5 centimeter can. Next gentleman orchid individual plant from take, and put flowerpot inside, put take advantage of an opportunity of plant root system go up in soil.

Then along plant all around even fill soil, in the process of filling, want to stroke firm plant, and erect. When after edaphic cram, along flowerpot squeezing ramming of edge general soil, gentleman orchid individual plant from root system little, can order plant greatly appropriately. Complete an individual plant so from on basin, other individual plant from with this analogize can.

8, go up the conserve after the basin

gentleman orchid individual plant from go up respectively after the basin, need irrigates the water that decide a root, do not want later too ordinary water, after all nap root system, need delay of ability of period of time to come over. If water too frequent, have seeper, rot easily.

Go up the gentleman after the basin orchid, put shady and cool place to raise, had waited for a week left and right sides, it is OK that the place that can put bright astigmatism slowly is raised.


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