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Dried flowers last forever ?

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Dried flowers are plant products made from natural plant materials. It retains some of the physical and chemical properties of natural plants (such as water absorption, high fiber content), so it is easily affected by external factors (light, temperature, fungi, insects, dust, etc.), resulting in a decline in ornamental quality and shortened ornamental life. . Therefore, the dried flowers should be sorted and stored.
Note the following points:
Dried flowers will become moldy and black when exposed to moisture, which will affect the appreciation value of dried flowers. Dried flowers that have not been used for the time being should be packed in cardboard boxes, placed in a ventilated place, the bottom of the box should be raised, and more than 10cm from the ground, and should be checked frequently and turned over regularly.
The dried flowers in the vase should also be placed in a ventilated place, not in a damp place or in an unventilated corner, and should be dried frequently to prevent mildew and deterioration. Especially in the mildew rain season, pay more attention to moisture prevention.
Pay attention to the color of dried flowers after dyeing, that is, the original design color. Sunlight is the main cause of fading. Therefore, when placing dried flowers, try to avoid excessive sunlight.
In addition, the dried flowers should be dust-proof to avoid affecting the color. You can often wipe them with a dry cloth or clean them with electric wind to maintain appreciation value.
Use a hair dryer to blow away dust;
Spray alcohol with a watering can;
Rinse with water and dry.
It should be noted that the above methods of removing dust may cause the deterioration of the ornamental quality of dried flowers and should be used with caution.
4.Sun protection
The pigment molecules on dried flowers can undergo photosensitive oxidation and photolysis under the action of light, destroying the chemical structure, losing color rendering ability, and causing the flowers to fade. Under natural conditions, this change process is relatively slow, but strong light will undoubtedly accelerate the process of pigment damage and shorten the ornamental life of dried flowers. Therefore, during the placement process, try to avoid direct sunlight or stay away from strong light environments.
Most dried flowers are light in weight and poor in toughness. They are easy to break, deform, drop flowers and fruit under strong wind conditions, resulting in decreased ornamental value. In order to avoid loss, dried flowers should be placed in a windless or breezy environment.
6.Pest control
Although the phenomenon of insect pests on dried flowers is not very common, once it occurs, the consequences are more serious. The prevention and control of insect pests should be based on prevention. If there are flowers that are prone to insect pests such as stalk chrysanthemum and lepidoptera in the dried flowers, insecticides should be sprayed on them regularly, and attention should be paid to whether there are a large number of solid particles around the dried flowers Matter appears, and whether petals fall off abnormally. Once it is determined that the dried flower is infested with insects, it should be thrown away and purchased again.


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